Changes to Waitrose car park in Crowborough


John Lewis has applied for permission to refurbish the car park at their Waitrose store on Croft Road.

Google Street View of the Croaft Road car park in Crowborough

The planning application also covers the installation of new air coolers and better access from the delivery area. The supermarket want to install new facades and LED lights.

The height restrictor barriers will be raised slightly to allow their new type of home delivery vehicles to access the roof top car park. The layout will also be rationalised to allow better circulation of vehicles by removing dead-ends. There will be dedicated bays with charging points for home delivery vans in close proximity to the warehouse. In total there will be a loss of 15 customer spaces. The application argues that with the current trends towards more home delivery, the loss of parking spaces would not have a detrimental effect on shoppers wanting to visit the branch.

There will be new trolley shelters, and finally the car park will be resurfaced, with new white lining throughout for the new layout.

A separate application is being made for new signage.

You can view the documents on Wealden District Council’s website: Waitrose planning application (Ref: WD/2021/0195/F).



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  1. We continue to enjoy free parking in Crowborough which is greatly appreciated and a support for our local shops so I cannot see any objection to this proposal, however given the availability of the parking could something be done to put an end to the pavement parking in the town centre particularly the stretch of pavement opposite Waitrose? The pavement is for pedestrians not idle shop owners or drivers too idle to walk a few yards from the FREE car park, perhaps the guy who patrols the Waitrose car park taking licence plate images would be better directed to those areas.

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