Photographer offers “Doorstep Portraits” to help Crowborough Foodbank


Marie Korner, a professional photographer and local resident, is offering to take photographs of Crowborough families on their doorsteps to raise money for Crowborough Foodbank.

Marie can usually be found photographing rockstars at London venues like Wembley and the O2 Arena for music magazines, or photographing a wedding.

Marie Korner

Marie said:

I want to give some joy in the way of happy memories during this current situation and take advantage of the fact we’ve been altogether in our homes.

One of the most common responses to booking in a photo session is that it’s hard to pin down a day when we’re all not doing stuff. 

I chose Crowborough Foodbank as I feel they will be needed more in this economic crisis, to support families who are struggling by way of providing nutritionally balances food supplies.

She is offering to take Doorstep Portraits at a fraction of her usual fee, with 75% of the money being donated to Crowborough Foodbank.

The Doorstep Portraits are for any Crowborough residents – individuals, couples, families and pets – and are running until Wednesday 3rd June.

For more info and to book, please visit her website:



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