Calls for a 20mph speed limit on Beeches estate rejected


Update: A petition requesting a 20mph speed limit on North and East Beeches Road has failed.

At a meeting on 28th September the County Councillor in charge of community services heard how the scheme in Crowborough is not considered to be of sufficient priority for funding from the County Council budget.

The committee was told the traffic calming measure does not meet the key objectives provided in the Local Transport Plan as it is not within an area of economic regeneration and will offer no contribution in terms of casualty reduction.  For further information see item 12.


Original article from March: A petition has been started by residents living close to the entrance to Beacon Academy in Crowborough.

20-mph-beechesThey are concerned that people drive their vehicles at excessive speeds and that at some point a child will be knocked-down.  They want the County Council to introduce a 20 mph speed limit on North and East Beeches Road.

Some years ago, traffic calming measures were introduced along Green Lane.   However Beacon later reorganised the school so that younger pupils now attend the Beeches site, while sixth-formers use Green Lane.

So far campaigners have collected about 65 signatures.

Mrs Wendy Mackie, Business Operations Manager at Beacon Academy sent an email to parents to alert them to the petition.  She told CrowboroughLife:

I, on behalf of Beacon Academy, have been regularly in contact with Graham Johnson who has met with myself and another senior member of staff and discussed, on behalf of residents, his concerns.  The petition has not been organised, nor is it being driven by Beacon Academy, however we always strive to have a positive relationship with our neighbours and the local community and would be supportive of any measures on the public highway that the Director of Communities, Economy and Transport at East Sussex County Council would consider appropriate to improve the safety for our students, staff, visitors and the local community.

Graham Johnson lead petitioner said:

Many residents of North and East Beeches Roads, Crowborough, are calling upon the East Sussex County Council to introduce a 20 mph speed limit  along our roads, so as to improve road safety in the vicinity of the Beacon  Academy Beeches Site, and to bring traffic speeds into line with those outside the Academy’s Green Lane Site.

Mr Johnson spoke at the last meeting of the Crowborough Town Council’s Environment Committee.  The Committee agreed to write to East Sussex County Council in support of the residents’ petition.  They were also going to ask the Town Council’s sponsored PCSO to spend time at the location checking speed and driver behaviour.   Click to see the minutes of the meeting.

Click on the link for more background information and the sign the electronic version of the petition.

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  1. ESCC’s current policy is not to have 20 mph speed limits around schools. You’d need a few children to be killed or seriously injured before they’d entertain it. Very low speed limits by schools work in France, so perhaps they think more of their children than we do in this country.

  2. No, they don’t. France: killed on roads 2013 = 3268 (5.1 per 100,000 residents). UK: killed on road 2013 = 1827 (2.9 per 100,000 residents). UK has one of the best records in road safety in the world. (Source: WHO)

  3. If they won’t put a roundabout on crowborough hill /old lane / montaris junction ( but they did put one at hillside and erosive road junctions on green lane where they serve no purpose whatsoever ) they certainly won’t do that – it far to sensible !!!!!

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