Pedestrian Crossing Beacon School


The County Council are planning to build a new pedestrian crossing on Crowborough Hill near to the entrance to Beacon Community College.

For over 10 years there has been concern about the risks to pupils crossing the busy B2100 in order to enter the Beeches Campus.   In 2009 a 12-year old girl was hurt in an accident crossing the road.  As well as Beacon students, there are also younger children and their parents going to Fermor primary school slightly further-up Crowborough Hill.  Many students use the twitten, which runs adjacent to the veterinary clinic, to get to and from the Montargis estate.

During the school run, the area becomes hazardous because of parents stopping their cars on Crowborough Hill to drop their children off for school.

Parked cars outside Sir Henry Fermor school
Parked cars outside Sir Henry Fermor school

Councillor Richard Stogdon told CrowboroughLife:

With Academy staff and the Police, we have spent time in the afternoons observing what has been happening at this location and, as you know, there was a serious accident there, in which one of the pupils had been struck by a vehicle following an earlier, but less serious, incident of the same kind.

Against that background, the location scored sufficiently highly to require the action sought by the Academy itself, the Police and Crowborough Town Council.  It has also satisfied the requirements of the Independent Safety Audit.

Pupils crossing Crowborough Hill


Puffin Crossing
Puffin Crossing

East Sussex County Council are proposing to construct a ‘Puffin’ crossing this summer during the school holidays, using money collected from local developers.

The existing yellow zig-zag “School Keep Clear” will be replaced by white zig-zag lines on both sides of the road, to prevent cars parking on the approach to the crossing.  There will be a new anti-skid surface and improvements to street lighting.



The pedestrian crossing will be paid for by developer contributions.  When Wealden District Council grants planning consent, there are sometimes obligations on developers.  These taxes (previously called Section 106 agreements, now replaced by the new Community Infrastructure Levy) are used to pay for improvements to local facilities and services.


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