What to do about illegal or inconsiderate parkers?


On Wednesday (8th March) Wealden District Council will consider the options for enforcing on-street parking.

Since Sussex Police publicly announced that parking enforcement would be a low priority, there has been growing pressure to improving parking arrangements within the District.  Last year, the Lewes & Wealden District Commander made it clear that they would only enforce in circumstances which present a very clear and present danger to the public and they would not deal with routine parking offences, such as double yellow lines, parking on pavements etc.

In Wealden and Rother, parking on yellow lines and in parking bays is currently enforced by Sussex Police.  In all other districts of East Sussex it has been decriminalised and Civil Enforcement Officers are employed by NSL Limited, on behalf of the East Sussex County Council (ESCC), to issue parking tickets.  East Sussex County Council, as Highways Authority, would have to apply to the Department for Transport to introduce Civil Parking Enforcement (CPE).

In the paper going to tomorrow’s Cabinet meeting, three options are being proposed:

  1. Do nothing
  2. Work with Town and Parish Councils to change public behaviour
  3. Work with ESCC to enable the introduction and management of CPE in a way acceptable to WDC

Estimates of implementing CPE in Wealden are around £350,000, with the on-going annual cost thought to be at least £170,000.

‘The Community are watching you’ signs placed in Uckfield High Street in December 2016 (Photo Courtesy Uckfield FM)

Since Crowborough lost its dedicated PCSO, funded by the Town Council, Town Councillors have been considering other options and have established a Community Warden Working Group to look into the options.

To read more, download a copy of the Review of Options.

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  1. Number 2 solution: what a great idea! Shove it on to town and parish councils, who have a tiny precept compared to county and district councils and rely heavily on the good will of volunteers. Illegal or bad parking is not just inconvenient, it causes delays and minor accidents that lead people to drive more recklessly and cause more accidents. When will people realise that police cuts are not willingly and maliciously delivered by our police: they are a direct result of central government cuts, austerity or whatever you want to call it. This country is going to the dogs and people stupidly go on voting for those wholly responsible.

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