Overnight incident round-up


Last night Crowborough Firefighters were involved in three incidents.

Firstly they help the ambulance service to remove a patient from a home in Crowborough.

Just after 7.30pm they put-out a gorse and heather fire on Palesgate Lane.

Finally at 1.30am, along with crews from Uckfield, Lewes and West Sussex Fire and Rescue, they tackled a fire in North Chailey.  Firefighters used hoses and beaters to extinguish a fire that affected half an acre of woodland.



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  1. Yes. And if these proposals go through the response may be slower at different times of the evening. There will be reduced immediate response hours that crews are on station. And the weekend you will have a severely delayed response to what it is currently. Fight these proposals please. The Service should not even have gone ahead with a public consultation during this pandemic. They know they will have reduced public consultation and are not giving the full facts. Thanks.

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