Newmans is moving


‘Newmans’ is relocating its print and copy bureau to Farningham Road on 16th December.

Newman Business Solutions Ltd has been a presence on Crowborough Broadway for approximately 37 years. The company have said that with less footfall on our High Streets it makes more practical sense for it to relocate to their Head Office on the Industrial Park.

Managing DirectorAndrew Deadman said:


You will be glad to hear that both Nick and Jacquie will continue to serve all our regulars who generally like to ‘pop in, pick up and go’ which currently isn’t so convenient on the High Street, so the car parking right outside the door will be a huge benefit and make the whole experience much simpler and dryer with the current weather conditions.

The company will continue to offer all their existing services at their facility on Farningham Road. Office hours will be Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.15pm. However they will no longer be open on Saturdays.

In 2020 Newman Business Solutions Ltd will celebrate 40 years in business.

Poster in the shop window


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  1. It’s a shame that Newman will be closing the high street shop as this means there will be even less activity in the town centre. We should all strive to keep all our shops open in the town centre especially the shops that provide such good and convenient service and help maintain a vibrant community.

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