New wildlife group in Crowborough


A new group has been established in Crowborough for people who are interested in nature and conservation. The Crowborough Wildlife Group will organise educational talks, raise money and get involved in practical tasks to improve the local environment.

Bluebell Wood in Crowborough
Bluebell Wood in Crowborough

On Tuesday 31st May the Group have agreed to coordinate volunteers to help Crowborough Town Council build a circular path and fence around the pond at the new nature reserve near Beacon and Fermor schools.

In 2016, Crowborough Town Council leased the former tennis courts from East Sussex County Council, in order to create a wildlife haven to attract insects, birds and amphibians. See the previous articles about the ‘Pocket’ Nature Reserve.

The Crowborough Wildlife Group also intends to arrange educational events to raise awareness, fundraise and apply for grants to enhance the local environment.

Kevin Crook explained the Group’s aims:

Crowborough Wildlife Group will be organising practical conservation activities, record wildlife sighting and lobby for improvements at local wildlife sites, such as The Ghyll, Walshes Park and Crowborough County Park.

The new Environment Act will introduce a number of new obligations for local authorities to take action to conserve and enhance biodiversity; and an organised group can help encourage and support positive action.

Kevin Crook

Crowborough Town Council plan to open the ‘pocket’ nature reserve to residents in 2023 once it has been made accessible and safe. The site is already an amazing habitat, with 130 species of plants recorded, as well as 23 bird species and 19 different butterflies.

No experience is necessary and all tools will be provided. Volunteers are asked to just wear sturdy footwear and bring gardening gloves. The site is accessed from the path running around Fermor School’s playing field (what3words: searching/trio/resting).

A previous group called Crowborough Conservation folded in 2018.

For further information take a look at their website Crowborough Wildlife Group and send them an email if you are interested in getting involved.


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