New tinnitus support group in Crowborough


The first meeting of a new tinnitus support group in Crowborough coincides with a new fundraising campaign.

Tea for Tinnitus“Tea for Tinnitus” is being run by the British Tinnitus Association (BTA) throughout June to help raise vital funds so they can support the estimated 10 per cent of the UK population who are living with the often debilitating hearing condition.

The tea party will take place as part of the group’s first meeting on Friday 2nd June between 3pm and 5pm at Crowborough Community Centre Cafe.  Members of the public are encouraged to come along to find out more about tinnitus and the support available, over a cup of tea, biscuit or piece of cake in return for a donation.

Maxine Harris from the Hi Kent Tinnitus Support Group, said:

We are delighted to be setting up this support group for people in the area who are suffering from tinnitus and we thought what better way to hold our first meeting than to combine it with a Tea for Tinnitus party.  We want to reach out a helping hand to local people living with tinnitus, while raising as much money as we can for the BTA and its vital work.

We hope as many people as possible will join us at this first meeting to find out a bit more about the group, tinnitus and the support available but also to help us fundraise for Tea for Tinnitus. Everyone is welcome.

Tinnitus can be a very difficult condition to manage but we know that with the right support it does get better and people can get their quality of life back. We wanted to do our bit to support the BTA in its invaluable work so the charity can continue to provide the best help possible to those who need it.

The much needed funds raised will allow the BTA to continue to provide vital resources such as its tinnitus helpline and email support, free to attend information days, information leaflets and booklets and much more.

Tinnitus is a noise in the head or ears which has no external source.  It may be heard in one ear, both ears, in the middle of the head or in a location that can be hard to pinpoint. The noise may be low, medium or high pitched and it can be continuous or come and go.

The condition can often impact a sufferer’s quality of life with approximately half of patients finding it moderately or severely distressing with complaints of intrusiveness emotional stress, insomnia, depression, or auditory perceptual and concentration problems.

The British Tinnitus Association receives no government funding and so every penny raised through these tea parties will be vital in helping the approximately six million UK adults who live with persistent tinnitus.

David Stockdale, chief executive of the charity, said:

We’re so grateful to everybody who’s got involved in the Tea for Tinnitus campaign so far, by organising and hosting their own events. Gathering friends, family and work colleagues together to help us raise money which will go such a long way and allow the BTA to maintain and enhance the support we already provide.

HI Kent is a charity for deaf and hard of hearing people.  For more information about local support groups email or phone 01622 691151.  For more information about tinnitus and resources, please visit



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