New Sussex Weald MP Constituency


The Boundary Commission for England has today (8th November) published revised proposals for new Parliamentary constituencies across the country. The public now has a last opportunity to send in their views.

map showing the proposed Sussex Wealden Parliamentary Constituency

Under their proposals Wealden would be split up. Crowborough, along with Hailsham and Heathfield, would belong to the Sussex Weald constituency. Uckfield joining East Grinstead.

There will still be 650 MPs, but the review will rebalance the number of electors each MP represents.

There are currently 533 constituencies in England, 40 in Wales, 59 in Scotland and 18 in Northern Ireland. The number of constituencies in England would increase to 543.

Last year the Commission published their initial proposals – following the feedback they have changed nearly half of their initial proposals.

Following comments about ties between Hartfield and Withyham, including those from Wealden MP Nusrat Ghani, Hartfield is now included in the same constituency as Crowborough constituency. It has been renamed Sussex Weald (from Hailsham and Crowborough).

Click on the following link to have your say: BCE Consultation Portal (

After this final consultation has closed on 5th December, the Commission will analyse the responses and form its final recommendations. These will be submitted to Parliament by 1st July 2023.

The plans would not change the local authority boundaries. Wealden would continue to be the district council for the area.

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Update: 17th Nov – an extra sentence was added to clarify that the change is for MPs constituencies not local authorities.


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  1. When I moved from Crowborough to Heathfield I was glad to get away from the useless MP Nus Ghani, seems like we’ll be inheriting her again. Back to having my emails ignored then.


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