New Council-owned housing company


Wealden District Council is setting-up a new Council-owned housing company to providing new homes in the district.

These houses will be targeted primarily at young people wishing to get a foot on the housing ladder and older people wishing to downsize.   The profits from the company will be reinvested in the Council to keep services running and keep your Council Tax low.

Wealden say the new housing company will also provide local employment opportunities and aid the local economy.  It will contribute positively to communities, where possible assist with the regeneration of town and village centres, and re-invest funding back into the Council to support existing services.

If you are looking to move house in the next few years, particularly if you are wanting to buy your first home or downsize, Wealden District Council would like to hear from you.

The Council is carrying out an online survey of people’s house buying needs to help it meet specific market demands in the district.

Council Leader, Bob Standley said:

We are particularly interested to hear from people looking to buy their first home – “Generation Rent” – and those who may be considering downsizing – “Generation Stuck” – to help inform the work we will be doing through our new Council–owned housing company.

Bob Standley, Leader Wealden District Council
Bob Standley, Leader Wealden District Council

We are looking to use the company to build new homes which are attractive to first time buyers and downsizers to help them stay in their local area. Helping these two groups to buy helps free up rental properties and larger family homes for others, creating a better balance to the local housing market.

By ticking our boxes on the online survey, we hope we will be able to use the housing company to tick your boxes when it comes to providing a new home you can afford.

If you want to make your first step onto the property ladder, trade-up from your first home or are wanting to downsize, please complete the online survey.  Family and friends are also invited to take part.  The survey closes on 12th February 2017.

The Council has yet to finalise the name for the new housing company.  It has been initially registered as Sussex Weald Homes Ltd but survey participants are invited to make their choice from a selection of names listed or suggest a new one.



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