New police station opens in Crowborough town centre


The new Police Station in Crowborough has been officially opened by Katy Bourne and Councillor Philip Lunn, Wealden District and East Sussex County Councillor for Crowborough.

The Police & Crime Commissioner purchased the former Crowborough Town Hall in 2019 in order to replace the outdated police station further down Crowborough Hill. Following the challenges of 2020 renovation work was delayed.

The new station is the culmination of work with partner agencies to respond to the needs of the community in the north Wealden area and will provide more modern working facilities.

PCC Katy Bourne with the new neighbourhood policing team, in front of the new Crowborough Police Station.
PCC Katy Bourne with the new neighbourhood policing team, Chief Inspector Alasdair Henry and Inspector Kendal Wells.

Members of the Wealden Neighbourhood Policing Team will now be based in the new town centre facility (they previously started and ended their shifts in Hailsham) and it is hoped the front office counter will be more easily accessible to members of the public.

Between February and March last year, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner ran a consultation asking residents what services they would like delivered from their new local police station.

Mrs Bourne said:

I am delighted that Crowborough will have a new police station to give residents a real sense of community policing. From my consultation in the town last year, I know that this has been missed in recent times and will be warmly welcomed by local people.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new police station acting as a real hub of the community, providing reassurance and protection to Crowborough as well as to the neighbouring rural areas.

The more central location of the new station will house members of the neighbourhood policing team, making them a genuine part of the town and more visible to residents. This is exactly what local people told me they wanted.

Katy Bourne, Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner

With its central location, officers will be able to spend more time proactively policing the community and tackling local issues, with less time travelling between hubs. It will enable officers and staff to focus on proactive problem-solving initiatives, addressing local concerns and the policing priorities for the area.

The Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) will be working with the community and partner agencies to manage and resolve long-term issues and will provide consistency of contact.

Wealden NPT Inspector Kendal Wells explained:

This has been an exciting project to be involved in and the opening of the new station will be really positive news for the communities of North Wealden. Officers and staff see this as an excellent opportunity to work from a new base and I know they cannot wait to get started.”

Inspector Kendal Wells
Inside front office and waiting area

While this is primarily a new Wealden Neighbourhood Police station, other teams such as Response, the Roads Policing Unit, the Rural Crime Team and others will be regular visitors.

The station was officially opened yesterday (Wednesday 8th). After the ribbon cutting ceremony, Temporary Assistant Chief Constable Jayne Dando also gave a speech. In attendance was the Chairman of Wealden District Council, Cllr Ron Reed, Crowborough Mayor, Cllr David Neeves, other councillors and Sussex Police staff and officers.

Divisional Commander for East Sussex, Chief Superintendent Tanya Jones said:

Ultimately the move to this central location provides a more accessible and visible presence to help with community policing and working together as one to address issues.

Visiting a police station is one of the ways the public can report crime or contact a member of Sussex Police. We are committed to providing services that meet customer needs and understand the value placed upon being able to visit a police station face-to-face, alongside providing a wide range of contact options over the phone and online.

Chief Superintendent Tanya Jones

Nusrat Ghani MP was due to attend the opening, but because of the important vote in Parliament about the increase in National Insurance, she asked Cllr Lunn to deliver her speech instead.

Police Community Support Office looking at the digital display screen

To the left of the entrance in the window is an electronic display screen which features key information about police campaigns. The blue lamp from the old police station has been moved to the new location.

Crowborough Town Hall was purchased by Sussex Police for £315,000 plus fees and a further £345,000 has been spent on planning costs, refurbishment, furniture and IT.

The old police station, garages and adjacent police houses have gone on the market for a guide price of £1,250,000.

From today the front office at the new Crowborough Police Station on The Broadway will be open Monday to Friday from 10am to 2pm (same times as the old station).

Sign and blue light


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  1. While I very pleased about the opening of the new Police station in Crowborough I feel that. the gleeful opening of the centre by Katy Bourne is somewhat disingenuous! Over 3 years ago I attended a meeting at Crowborough Community centre with Katy Bourne as guest speaker. talking about policing. I asked her a question about lack of local policing in Crowborough and ewas told, more or less to “Get with it – policing is all about IT and tackled by policing at HQ. at Lewes, no need for bobbies on the beat to tackle crime!” I remember this very clearly as I thought her very dismissive and rude, it was said with real condensation.
    Well she has certainly changed her tune. Even taking credit for organising a survey of locals to see how they wanted to be policed, actually pretending she had our best interests at heart! Well not at the meeting I went to a few years ago! In her opening speech she actually has the cheek to say “I am delighted that Crowborough will have a new police Station to give the residents a real sense of community …..(and ends with)” this is exactly what local people have told me they wanted.” What a cheek, she has certainly changed her tune from that stated at the meeting I went to! She has a very short memory – I do not.
    Incidentally the article also says that the police commissioner purchased the former Crowborough town hall in in 2019 in order to replace the outdated police station down the hill. Not actually her presumably. Also she only consulted residents in Feb. and March last year 2020, so cannot have had any thoughts of making it into a Police station when it was sold in 2019!
    As the police station only opens from 10.00 am to 2.00pm on Monday to Friday and not at all at weekends, how will these few opening hours help ALL the local community? what about people at work? Hardly a hub for all the community as stated.
    Well here we also have our MP. Nusrat Ghani, again caring more about her profile at Westminster than attending the opening ceremony to which she was invited. giving the reason as she had to attend an important vote in Parliament about National Insurance funding. she is almost never here in her constituency to help locals at all. It took here 2+ weeks to reply to an urgent email I sent her about temporary closure of Crowborough Minor Injuries unit. I had to send 2 further requests to her to get a response! Sidestepped the issue of the hospital by saying wasn’t her remit and would make inwqiiries on my behalf and send a reply. still waiting. Lets hope they don’t take sa long as her to reply to an email! and all the while she has plenty of time to be up and down to Westminster, on TV making pronouncements and no time to address her constituents concerns!
    And don’t get me started on the cost of the Police station refurbishments,……£350,00 to buy the Town Hall, further planning costs, refurbishments, furniture and IT,,,,,,
    Avril Smith

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