Cost of the new cemetery in Crowborough


Update:  So far the new cemetery has cost Crowborough taxpayers just over £300,000.

Two tenders from C. J. Thorne & Co Ltd, a civil engineering company from Uckfield, were accepted by the Town Council to construct the entrance & car park (phase 1) and internal track and overflow car park (phase 2).

The Town Council is inviting construction firms to submit a tender to construct the car park for the Town’s new burial ground on London Road.

New-burial-ground-at-SummerFollowing an archaeological evaluation of the site, Crowborough Town Council is now in a position to start work on the entrance and car parking for the new cemetery at Summersales Farm adjacent to the Forest Fold Baptist Church.

Although there are still burial plots available in the Herne Road Cemetery, work needs to begin in constructing the facilities at the new cemetery before planning permission expires.  The new cemetery is outside Crowborough’s boundary.  At the time of the planning application, Withyham Parish Council were dismayed Crowborough Town Council hadn’t consulted them first before submitting plans In their comments to the planning authority they called for a public enquiry to be held.  To see the planning approval granted for the burial ground, see Wealden District Council’s website (Ref: WD/2013/1734/MAJ amended by WD/2015/0919/FA):

Map showing location of field in relation to Forest Fold Baptist Church:

Location of new burial ground at Summersales
Location of new burial ground at Summersales

Companies interested in tendering for the work should contact the Council on 01892 652907 for further information.

Tenders must be returned by 12noon on Tuesday 21st July 2015.

Expenditure Cost
Purchase land £95,101
Various geological tests inc drill boreholes £5,085
Planning applications and associated reports £4,994
Various conditions attached to planning permission-
Archaeological surveys £4,940
Landscaping £2,020
Traffic Regulation Order £2,500
Construct entrance and car park (Phase 1)
Construct internal track and overflow car park (Phase 2)


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