Neighbourhood Panel Meeting to set policing priorities


PCSO Hannah Williams will be holding a Neighbourhood Panel Meeting for residents living in Crowborough West to discuss local issues and set the policing priorities for the following three months.

Current priorities include:

  • Parking on double yellow lines at the Junction of Gladstone Road / Whitehill Road.
  • Parking on single yellow lines during restricted times and on double yellow lines in Croft Road and in particular outside Waitrose and ‘This and That’
  • Speeding in Southview Road and the West Ward in general.

There were 25 crimes reported in the Ward in December (the last month figures are available), including 2 violence or sexual crimes, 4 burglaries and 2 involving criminal damage or arson.   You can see what crimes have been reported and the status of the investigations here:

The Neighbourhood Panel Meeting is on Wednesday 11th February from 6-7pm at Crowborough Community Centre.

PCSO Hannah Williams

If you are unable to make the meeting, you can contact PCSO Williams by email or on her mobile 07787 685738.

If you live in another ward you can view the crime statistics for December by following the appropriate link:



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