NatWest branch in Crowborough to close


The NatWest Branch in Crowborough will close at the end of May as part of sweeping changes announced by RBS this morning.

A total of 62 RBS and 197 NatWest branches will close by the mid-2018 as more customers bank online.   This represents one in four of its outlets.

NatWest Branch High Street Crowborough

RBS say 1,000 roles will be affected, but the bank hopes to limit the number of redundancies to 680 by redeploying staff.

Twenty other branches in Sussex will close including Heathfield, Wadhurst and Hailsham.

After the closure of the branch in Crowborough, the nearest alternative NatWests for customers to use will be in Tunbridge Wells and Uckfield.  Customers will still be able to withdraw money at cash machines outside Lloyds and Santander in Crowborough, and they will be able to deposit cheques and cash at the Post Office using their debit card.  The Crowborough branch of HSBC on Beacon Road closed in February.

To read more about the announcement and see other NatWest branches set to close in the South East click here.

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  1. Get your parcels to the Crowborough Post Office early in Christmas 2018. The queues will get longer as more shopkeepers deposit money and others (slow oldies like me) do their banking there, when both HSBC and NatWest will have closed. There are loads of elderly people who haven’t a clue how to bank online and are probably scared to, with all the scamming about. Who’s next, Barclays? Santander?

  2. This town of ours is rapidly dying a death !
    Ever since it was given a town status it’s all gone very very wrong.
    It’s saddening to walk through our empty shop high street !
    More to come I’m sure if that too.
    Something needs doing and fast !

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