MP questioned by Crowborough school pupils


Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden has virtually met with Year 5 students from Ashdown Primary School in Crowborough to discuss the workings of Parliament and answer their questions on her role as an MP.

Nus Ghani Wealden MP on WhatsApp with Ashdown Primary School in Crowborough.

The children have been learning about democracy and the voting process, the role of Government and Parliament, and human rights linked to the United Nation Convention on the Right of the Child. They had prepared some very insightful questions relating to their learning and quizzed Nus on her role as a Member of Parliament, as well as the law-making process and the role of the Prime Minister.

Prior to the pandemic, Nus was welcoming young constituents from schools all across Wealden, including Blackboys, Fletching and Rotherfield Primary Schools and Bede’s Senior School in Parliament, and offering informative tours of the unique and historic surroundings of the Palace of Westminster.

Nus Ghani said:

I was delighted to virtually meet students from Ashdown Primary School today. It was a great opportunity to get Wealden’s youngest residents interested in politics and the works of our democracy. The questions I received from the students are a great testament to the great education that they are receiving at Ashdown Primary School and I thank their Teacher, Ms Birchard, for preparing our young ones so wonderfully for the world.

Every year for the past 5 years, I have written to every school in Wealden encouraging them to book a visit to Parliament and experience our democracy first-hand. I made a pledge in 2015 and at every election since, to open up Parliament to the next generation of leaders and I look forward to resuming this opportunity when the circumstances allow.



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  1. An excellent idea by Nus to explain the workings of our Government. Very young children may not take all the fine details in, but it will give them a good base for thought.

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