Morrisons flout planning process


Morrisons have moved their “totem” pole sign at the petrol station in Crowborough to be closer to the A26, without getting planning permission first. The old sign, displaying fuel prices, used to be located near the car jet washers inside the brick wall (as this view from Google Streetview shows):

As part of the ongoing refurbishment of Morrisons in Crowborough, the supermarket have applied for permission to erect new signage at the store, pharmacy and petrol station. The new signs featuring their tree motif in place of the old style letter M. However as the Planning Notice at the petrol station explains, residents still have over a week to send their comments to the planning authority for consideration.

Planning Notice WD/2019/1907/AI Morrisons Supermarket erection of 9 signs

A spokesperson for Wealden District Council said:

In accordance with the Council’s Enforcement Strategy we would investigate any complaints about the breach of the advertisement regulations. If necessary following an investigation the Council could seek to prosecute the landowner, however any action is likely to await the determination of the pending application, on or before 9th October. In the meantime, the Council will contact the landowner and strongly advise against any works in advance of the determination.

A spokesperson for Morrisons said:

We apologise for putting the pole sign up without planning permission. It is an oversight and will be removed asap.

Crowborough Town Council had already written to Wealden District Council, expressing concerns that the new position might cause an obstruction to drivers sight lines when leaving the petrol station forecourt.

As part of the refurbishment programme in the store, Morrisons have already been granted planning permission to make some changes to the building. They intend to enclose the entrance lobby at the supermarket with glazing and add a “Warehouse Pod” to their service area.

For further information, click to see the document submitted as part of the planning application for new signs Morrisons in Crowborough.



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