Montargis wins the twinning football trophy


Michel Dury, Chairman Twinning Committee of the town of Montargis sent the following report about the football match played lasted Sunday:

Miss Twinning, Clothilde Langlois, with the teams from Crowborough and Montargis. With Michel Dury of the twinning committee Michel Dury.

Presented in competition in 2013, the football trophy Twinning Committee of the town of Montargis was won Sunday by the USM Montargis winner of the friendly match before the English Crowborough 4 goals to 3.

Opposing, from the beginning of the twinning with Crowborough in 1966, Montargis football teams and Crowborough, the friendly match ended on Pentecost Sunday by the victory of Montargois.

Taken over by Thomas Godeau, the exchange supported by the Twinning Committee of Montargis has strengthened the bonds of friendship between the French and English teams. Before an audience of friends, the two teams provided a hard-fought encounter under the sign, however, of friendship.
In the presence of a representation of the Twinning Committee of the town of Montargis behind President Michel Dury kick was given by Miss Twinning, Clothilde Langlois, to the cheers of the spectators delighted maintaining, for 49 years, these sporting relations between the two Twin Cities Gatinaise and Sussex.
Chairman of the Twinning Committee of the town of Montargis (1980 – 2015)

2016 will be the 50th anniversary of the twinning agreement between Crowborough and Montargis.



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