Memories of Herne & Whitehill Schools


Burial of the Time Capsule at Whitehill School:


As part of our celebrations to mark the end of an era at Whitehill and Herne schools in Crowborough, former pupils are being invited to include items in two Time Capsules.

The two schools will cease to exist after this school year when they are merged to form Ashdown Primary School in September.

At Whitehill Infant School, the children will be either writing or drawing their memories on pieces of paper.  These memories will be placed in a Time Capsule alongside other memories, such as old school photographs and examples of school uniform. The Time Capsule will be buried on site at Whitehill Infant School on Tuesday 21st July.  If any ex-pupil or ex-member of staff would like to contribute something small to the Time Capsule, then these can be brought into the school office by Friday 17th July.

The children are also painting cobble stones (kindly donated by Millbrook Garden Centre) with their memory of Whitehill and these will be placed around where the Capsule is buried.

At Herne Junior School, the children will also be collecting their memories and thoughts.  This Time Capsule will then be buried in their newly created Quiet Area called ‘Heron’s Rest’.  This name was chosen as the word ‘Herne’ is an Old English word meaning heron and the bird was the symbol used on our school sweatshirts.  The Quiet Area will include, amongst other things, seating, a statue of a heron and a plaque to commemorate Herne’s past.  The school mosaic will also be moved to this area.

For any further information please contact either Lisa Mahony at Whitehill on 01892 655846 or David Pinard at Herne on 01892 654862.



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