Public meeting in Crowborough to discuss Gatwick flight paths


Nus Ghani, Member of Parliament for Wealden, will be hosting a community drop-in meeting in Crowborough with members of the independent review of air traffic at and around Gatwick Airport.

Nus Ghani Gatwick Review
Graham Lake, Technical Adviser, Nus Ghani Wealden MP and Bo Redeborn, Review Lead.

Ms Ghani recently met with Mr Bo Redeborn, who is leading the review, and Mr Graham Lake, Technical Adviser, to discuss the terms of the review and the concerns of Ms Ghani’s constituents with respect to noise and disruption from aircraft.

Mr Redeborn and Mr Lake have agreed to join her at All Saints Church in Crowborough, between 5 and 6pm on Friday 23rd October, where constituents who would like to submit evidence to the review are able to meet with them and discuss their concerns.

Ms Ghani has previously welcomed Gatwick Airport’s decision to commission the review, saying last month that she was “pleased that it has acknowledged the strength of feeling of many of my constituents” and that she hoped “to be closely involved” in it.

She added to those remarks today, saying:

I was delighted, when I met with Bo and Graham, by their desire to engage, their independence from Gatwick Airport, and their determination to reach a mutually beneficial solution.  Their expertise is well known, but it is pleasing that that expertise is being accompanied by a strong willingness to listen to Wealden’s residents.

Mr Redeborn said:

We are currently in the vital listening phase of our review and have yet to say no to anyone who wants to talk to us. I hope that many people will be able to join us in Crowborough to have their say, because understanding their perspective is an important part of the review process.



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  1. 5 to 6pm on a Friday? That’s a great time for those who are at work! Guess its deliberate so that those who are retired and have nothing better to do than complain can make it, whilst those that work and want Gatwick expanded can’t.

  2. Why not just have a coffee and cake morning for the retired folk to meet and winge?! This MP does not represent everyone and there are 30,000 people who rely on employment at the airport, plus associated businesses. Retired people don’t like aircraft noise, young people are concerned more with job security for themselves and their children. I would respect MPs more if they didn’t always support the NIMBY vote – it’s an easy option for them as these are the people who turn out to vote at elections. Gatwick WILL get a second runway whether it be now or in the next decade, simply because demand for flights is outstripping the number of runway slots available. This MP appears commercially naive.

  3. To disagree with the previous posters somewhat stereotypical views of the elderly, it’s because I work that I don’t want more aircraft noise – I enjoy having somewhere peaceful to come back to and live in. Not sure why they feel its only retired people who are objecting to this. The timing of the meeting is the same for all of us and arguments can be made for and against any time. If you care about it, make the effort and go and put your point of view across, whatever that maybe.

  4. Some ignorant people do not realise that ALL age groups living under the narrowed flight paths are suffering unbearable noise day and night. Yes, I work and after hearing whining planes sometimes until 2.30a.m. over the roof of my house and then starting again at 6.00am I’m totally exhausted. We are not NIMBYS we are NOIMBYS – NOT ONLY IN MY BACK YARD. Hopefully with Nus’s help you can take your share too – hope you enjoy it.

  5. If supporters of Gatwick took responsibility for the consequences of aviation expansion by putting their own families under the concentrated flight paths of their own design there would be no NIMBYs. It’s easy to support Gatwick expansion when you toss the noise problem over someone else’s garden fence. Good for Nus for championing her constituents concerns. Exactly what an MP should do.

  6. Alternatively those who are complaining about noise could of course move to somewhere where there is no noise!

    Having said that I do live in Crowborough and on only one occasion have I heard a low flying passenger aircraft when indoors and that was the Virgin aircraft that had a technical issue last year.

    I am in the garden at the weekends or walking the dog on the forest and can’t say the noise of over flying aircraft is particularly noticeable.

    Of course the whole idea of the concentrated path is so that the smallest number of people are affected, rather unfortunate for those people!

    One day I need to go and find the centre point of this corridor and stand in it to see if I still believe it’s no issue.

  7. A case in point. Our friend Luke comes from Croydon, makes money off Gatwick operations and then goes home to get a good night’s sleep well away from the flight paths. What a total hippocrite.

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