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What do you make of Wetherspoon’s new pub sign?


Over Christmas a new pub sign has been erected outside The Crowborough Cross and it seems to have got the town talking.

Photo: Grant Melton

It has been called a ‘monstrosity’ by some on Twitter, ‘striking’ by others, but most people just seem to be puzzled by its meaning.  But Andrew Camsell has a theory:

Builders and tradespeople have been frantically working on the Grade II listed building to get it ready for its scheduled opening on 27th January.  On Christmas day Tweets started being sent about the new sign.

Pub signs are thought to date back about 2,000 years and over the years have been used to advertise services to passing stagecoaches or reflect major trades in the area.

Most people were expecting a pub sign depicting a cross of one type or another.  The pub used to be called the Red Cross Inn until 1935.   It is thought an Inn has been on the junction since the 16th Century.  Previously know as Willetts Cross, coaches used to pass on their way from Tunbridge Wells to Brighton.

Click here for more background about JDWetherspoon re-opening The Crowborough Cross.

If you have any thoughts or theories on the pub sign, you can add your comments below, or on Facebook.


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