Jiu Jitsu Club makes the grade


Fifteen members of the Crowborough and Rotherfield Jiu Jitsu Club attended a grading on the 5th September and achieved a 100% pass rate.

The grader praised the club on their students’ fighting ability.

In the grading the students have to demonstrate syllabus techniques for their next belt and also repeat what they have already learnt for previous belts.

The grading finishes with a test of fighting proficiency.  The student is put in front of ten to twelve attackers who come in one after the other in quick succession with punches kicks and weapons.  On top of this, higher grades have to tackle two people with weapons simultaneously.

A special mention goes to the Taylor family and the McCandlish family who all graded together and passed!

Jiu-Jitsu-TaylorsThe Taylors – Mark, Kelly, and Holly all graded to Orange belt –  while son Nathan Taylor achieved his Green belt!

Father and son Paul and Dylan McCandlish both got their Orange belts too.

Kelly Taylor said:

It started with our son doing Jitsu, my daughter then followed by which time my husband was talking with another Dad and they then decided to take Jui-Jitsu-McCandlishpart.  It was then a case of unable to beat them, so I joined them.

As a family, we all enjoy taking part, it builds our confidence as well as an element of keeping fit!  This grading was a special occasion as we all achieved our next belt.

Anyone interested in learning Self Defence in the Jiu Jitsu style contact John on 01892 654100 or go to www.crowboroughjitsu.co.uk.

The Club is a ‘not for profit organisation’ and sessions are held on Thursdays at Rotherfield Village Hall – Juniors 6.30-7.45pm and Adults 7.45-9.30pm.  The first session is free.



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