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Valued items stolen in Crowborough burglary


Police are seeking information about valuable and sentimental items stolen during a Crowborough house burglary earlier this month.

The burglary happened in Fielden Road sometime between Saturday 6th and Saturday 13th October, while the occupants were away on holiday.

Items valued together at more than £1,000 were taken.  Several of them were distinctive and unusual, and of sentimental value.

They included:

  • An inscribed, heavy gold medal, 6” in diameter, inscribed with the victim’s name and issued in Bahrain
  • A gold wedding ring, circa 1947 belonging to the victim’s mother
  • An antique gold brooch in the shape of a pin with 6 – 8 inset pearls
  • An 18th century flintlock pistol
  • An acoustic guitar – in the family for some time, and
  • A framed autographed photograph of  Gracie Fields.

Police want to know if you come across these items, perhaps being offered for sale, or if you saw any suspicious activity in the area.


If you have any information that might help the investigation call Sussex Police on 101, quoting serial 1364 of 13/10 or report online.

Protect your home before your holiday

  1. Prevent tell-tail signs showing you are away, such as mail building-up on the doormat, plants left wilting on the windowsill
  2. Conceal valuables, and not in obvious places thieves will look like in your sock drawer
  3. Create the impression you are still at home by installing timer switches, leaving a radio switched-on or getting a neighbour to park on your driveway
  4. Arrange for trusted neighbours or friends to keep an eye on your property
  5. Secure your home by fitting deadbolts, window locks and remove ladders or tools from your garden that can be used by thieves to break-in
  6. Don’t broadcast to strangers that you are going away by posting your trip on social media
  7. Consider fitting an alarm system, smart doorbell or control lights or devices via your smartphone

For more advice about protecting your home against burglars see the Sussex Police website or search online for other ways in which you can reduce the risks when you go on holiday.



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