Ever fancied a go at stoolball?


Stoolball is an ancient English game which has been played for over 500 years.  It is the origin of baseball and perhaps cricket too, and is mentioned in Shakespeare’s ‘The Two Noble Kinsmen’.

Stoolball England are organising some friendly matches this month to enable people to try the sport.  The sessions on Sunday afternoons at Crowborough Leisure Centre are open to everyone over 14 and cost only £2.

If participants enjoy playing they can go on and join one of the local teams to continue an indoor league season which runs through to March.

Stoolball is a simple striking and fielding sport.  Like cricket, batsmen score by hitting the ball into the field and running between the two wickets. Batsmen can be bowled, caught or run-out, or even body-before-wicket.  Children can start playing at primary school, and some people play competitive stoolball right into their 70s. There are lots of ladies-only teams and mixed teams in East Sussex and West Kent (including Fairwarp, Hartfield and Groombridge).  Any large grassy area will do in summer, and in the winter sports halls can be used.

The matches at Crowborough Leisure Centre will be held between 3pm – 6pm on Sunday 12th and Sunday 19th November.  If you would like to get involved, please contact Denise Goldsmith on 01892 665389/07887 508566 for further information.

For more details about the rules and location of local teams, see Stoolball England’s website: www.stoolball.org.uk.



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