Hospital Fete raises £12,000

Crowborough Hospital Fete on Bank Holiday Monday banked a handsome profit of £12,000 with stallholders reporting increased takings on the day.

The fete has iconic status in Crowborough with a history that stretches back decades, possibly as long ago as the 1950s.

Ricky Booth, the organiser, said:

This is a wonderful result and I extend our warmest thanks to the many people who turned up on the day and dug deep into their pockets.

The weather was perfect.  Not too hot and no rain, apart from a little light drizzle, which meant that many people probably decided not to go to the beach.

Without the immense and dedicated input by the many stallholders, there would be no fête and so my thanks go out to every single stallholder and their many helpers.  There must have been close to 160 volunteers involved on the day and no doubt there many more behind the scenes who were also involved leading up to the fete.

His words were echoed by Chantal Wilson, chairman of the Friends of Crowborough Hospital, the organisation behind the fete and fundraising for the hospital:

Once again the people of Crowborough turned out in their many hundreds to support the Hospital Fete in a way that makes me proud to live in this town.

Every penny raised will go towards supporting patients with equipment and services to supplement what is provided by the NHS.  This includes the Social Day Centre which the Friends now fund and manage completely.

In addition the Friends are about to contribute many tens of thousands of pounds to replace the X-ray equipment in the hospital and to refurbish the birthing centre.  We can only do these things if we have the financial support of the local community, which was demonstrated spectacularly on Monday.  The Friends are very grateful for this support.

The organisers wish to express their thanks to Waitrose who this year allowed volunteers to sell raffle tickets on two days.  This was a blessing as the Friends were unable to secure permission to sell at our other regular supermarkets. The Friends also wish to thank: estate agent Michael Brooker who kindly put up over 50 roadside signs advertising the fete; all the people, including the Carnival & Bonfire Society, who lent us gazebos and helped to set them up; and Nigel Cassford who set up our PA system and entertained crowds with music.

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