Hosepipe ban in Sussex


South East Water has announced a hosepipe and sprinkler ban for their customers in Kent and Sussex from 12th August.

It comes just days after Southern Water announced the first hosepipe ban of the year for Hampshire and Isle of Wight.

South East Water said its ban is necessary to make sure there is enough water for essential use and to protect the environment.

This has been a time of extreme weather conditions across the UK.

Official figures show this is the driest July on record since 1935 and the period between November 2021 and July 2022 has been the driest eight-month stint since 1976.

During July in the South East, we have only seen 8% of average rainfall for the month, and the long term forecast for August and September is for similar weather.

South East Water

They are asking people to generally use water sparingly and “use only the water they need to keep hydrated and clean” to ensure there is enough water for everyone.

Although many of their people have taken to social media to complain about the amount of water that is lost to leaks, as well as the scale of housebuilding in the region. Water companies across England and Wales lose around one-fifth of water through leaks, although the industry has committed to reduce leakage by 15% over the period 2020-25.

This will be the first time a Temporary Use Ban has been imposed in our region since 2012.

These are some of the things you will be prevented from using a hosepipe to do:

  • Watering your garden or lawn (unless it has been laid in the last 28 days)
  • Cleaning your car with a hose or jetwash
  • Filling a domestic swimming pool or paddling pool
  • Topping-up your pond (unless it is unavoidable for the welfare of fish)
  • Cleaning your windows
  • Cleaning paths or patios

Their website contains a full explanation of the rules and exceptions for companies and certain domestic customers, as well as answers to frequently asked questions about the hosepipe ban. You can also find tips on cutting down on the water you use, such as taking shorter showers.



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