Crowborough’s Holly Williams has just had her latest fantasy novel published


“Ley Ryders” is a fantasy adventure, and tells the tale of Petronia, the mute daughter of a simple blacksmith.

Petronia who feels she is destined to become a Ley Ryder; a sacred band of women who devote their lives to aiding others through the healing power of crystals and follow the guiding influence of the mystical force known as the Ley.  Petronia’s brother Hayden however is suspicious of the Ryders motives and fearfully protective of his sister.

Holly Williams, 35, who lives in Crowborough, has Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy and has overcome many adversities in her life.   Holly had her first book of children’s stories published when she was aged 10.  She then went on to write a trilogy series of fantasy books called ‘the Jersey Guardian Trilogy’.

Holly told CrowboroughLife her book is an allegory for the problems faced by disabled people:

My protagonist Petronia feels that it is her destiny to be a Ryder even though she has no verbal communication and makes her wishes known via sign language.  This is, at times, a great hindrance and frustration to her determined character but her muteness, we discover, is also a sign to a greater hidden power within.  Hayden, her brother, is only concerned with her safety as he feels her impairment makes her vulnerable.  Like many loved ones of disabled people, he harbours a secret wish that she did not have to face the challenges her impairment presents.  At the start of the book, he believes that the Ryders may have the power to heal Petronia but Petronia, and I hope the audience, soon question whether she needs healing at all or whether she already possesses all that she needs to fulfil her place in the world.Holly Williams Ley Ryders book

Holly went to Chailey Heritage School until she was thirteen, when she left to sit seven GCSEs at Patcham House School just outside Brighton.  She then spent two years studying Media Studies and Photography at A Level, at Trelour College in Hampshire.  Holly now works three days a week as a graphic designer at CHEC, a social firm that offers work opportunities to severely disabled people whose impairments limit their chances for employment, through the operation of a print and design firm.

Holly’s first book, a collection of children’s stories called ‘Animal High’ was published in aid of Chailey Heritage School.

On their journey, Petronia and Hayden encounter many wonderous sights and perilous challenges. 
I like fantasy stories because they’re usually morality tales.  ‘Ley Ryders”‘is also a metaphor for the worries and responsibilities of their families to keep them safe while at the same time giving them the freedom they rightfully deserve.  But it’s also a thrilling adventure, filled with magic, strange creatures and the battle between good and evil.  I hope people enjoy it.
 You can find out more about Holly, her other books and read her blog here:
Copies of Ley Ryders can be ordered from Amazon or the Telegraph & WHSmith online bookshops or direct from the publisher Troubador.


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