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A Steering Committee and 4 Working Groups (Community Facilities, Commercial, Environment, Transport & Housing) have now been set-up.  Keep track of discussions by reading the minutes on the Town Council website: Crowborough Neighbourhood Plan.

Crowborough Town Council are looking for local people to help develop a Neighbourhood Plan for the town.

The document will give more power to communities to determine how land is used for development, where new homes should be built and what they should look like.

It is a statutory plan, which will guide the future development of Crowborough for the next 15-20 years.

As previously reported the Town Council have already set aside Crowborough Town Council logo£30,000 and appointed a consultant to assist with the preparation, but they are keen to involve other local people in the process, as they say it should reflect the hopes and aspirations of the residents of Crowborough.

After a six week consultation period closed on 28th April, Wealden District Council (the planning authority) formally designated the parish of Crowborough as the boundary for the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan cannot specify less development than is contained in Wealden’s Local Plan, nor can it conflict with National Planning Policy.  The Local Plan says 300 new dwellings will be built in Crowborough between now and 2027 on land at Pine Grove, Jarvis Brook and to the South East of Crowborough near Walshes Road.

Strategic Sites in Crowborough earmarked for development in the Local Plan

It is hoped the plan would give incentives for new businesses and support a thriving and dynamic town centre and tourist industry.  The Town Council also want to use the Neighbourhood Plan to identify and protect the distinctive character of Crowborough, increase the amount of recreational space and improve youth facilities.

Crowborough Town Council have already started work on outlining the scope of the Plan.  You can download the introduction document here.

Once a Plan has been developed it must be checked by an independent examiner to ensure it doesn’t conflict with national planning policy and policy developed by Wealden District Council.  The people of Crowborough will then vote in a Referendum to show the majority support the Plan.

The Council want to form Focus Groups and a Steering Committee to lead the production of the Neighbourhood Plan.  If you are interested in participating, and want more information, email

You can read more about future growth in Crowborough and what the Neighbourhood Plan can and can’t do in the earlier article.



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