Report recommends electrification of railway line


An independent report looking into the failings on the Southern network has recommended the electrification of the line and a new depot for trains and crew at Crowborough.

The Government-commission report looking into issues on the Southern network, was carried out by Chris Gibb, a Non-Executive Director of Network Rail with over 30 years’ industry experience.  The Government has been criticised for holding back the report until after the General Election; the Department of Transport received the report at the end of last year.

Appendix 5 of the report deals specifically with the Uckfield line and makes the following proposals:

  • the 25-mile stretch from the Hurst Green junction to Uckfield should be electrified using overhead cables (rather than a third rail);
  • if the line was electrified, the replacement fleet could have greater capacity for standing passengers;
  • some trains could travel via Thameslink to serve stations to the North of London;
  • if trains were compatible to those on the East Grinstead line, off-peak trains could couple and de-couple at Oxted reducing costs;
  • the ability to split trains at Oxted, could provide two additional evening services from London Victoria to the stations on the Uckfield branch;
  • there should be new sidings for the storage of four trains at Crowborough station, reducing the inefficiency of trains running empty from Selhurst for the start of the morning commute to London;
  • trains should be driver-only operated, with on-board supervisors;
  • 30 train crew, and several nightshift train cleaners, should be recruited to the new depot at Crowborough.

Click on the following link to download the full Southern Network Gibb Report (see Appendix 5).

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  1. Motherhood and apple pie. We’d all like it, but in these days of increasing cuts, will the money for this be forthcoming? Have they accounted for more spats between the unions and Southern (assuming they still have the franchise)? I remember trains coupling at Oxted in the Fifties and a high chimneyed ‘puff-puff’ shuttling round on ‘platform 3’. I remember the diesels arriving in the early Sixties and how we thought that was progress! And while they’re about it, why not extend the line to Lewes so Brighton commuters could have an alternative to their miserable journeys?

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