Gatwick Debate


East Sussex County Council vote in favour of supporting expansion at Gatwick Airport.

During the debate this morning (Tuesday 27th January) about expansion and flight paths, the two County Councillors for Crowborough voted against the motion to support a second runway at the Airport.

Councillor Sylvia Tidy East Sussex County Councillor for CrowboroughCllr Sylvia Tidy, County Councillor for Crowborough, spoke about the disruption from aircraft noise last year in Crowborough and Eridge.  You can listen to what she had to say by clicking on the play button below:

[audio:Cllr Tidy Gatwick.mp3]

Councillor Richard Stogdon east Sussex County Councillor for CrowboroughCllr Richard Stogdon, the other County Councillor for Crowborough, said he has been written to by the Clinical Commissioning Group raising concerns about the effects on the health of residents.  In speaking against the motion in the debate he also spoke about protecting the Ashdown Forest:

[audio:Cllr Stogdon Gatwick.mp3]
The following motion at Full Council was however passed by a majority vote (27 FOR : 19 AGAINST).  Later the Council’s cabinet met and agreed the wording of the formal response to the Airport Commission.  You can watch the videos of both the Full Council and Cabinet Meetings here.

Gatwick-Motion Wealden District Council

Wealden District Council will discuss the same topic tomorrow.  Wealden have said because they think further work needs to be done on the environmental impact on the Ashdown Forest and economic benefits to Wealden and its residents, that they cannot support Gatwick’s proposal for a second runway at this time.  Wealden’s Cabinet meets on Wednesday 28th January at 10am.

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  1. Absolute sham. Not democracy. These people have not listed to their constituent who do not want airport expansion. I am not a green loony but Gatwick are not interested in anything except more planes more noise and more money for them. the blight on this rural area is totally intolerable. LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE.

  2. What are the economic benefits of no one wanting to live in this area anymore? The easterly shift in 2014 of all gatwick arrivals is already intollerable.
    Who from other parts of the uk – like london – will elect to move under a flight path?

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