Future of the Crowborough Rock Snake


Update: Crowborough Town Council agreed that in principle, subject to planning permission if required, the stones should remain in the vicinity of Chapel Green. Councillors considered the lower green the most appropriate site. Download the minutes of the meeting on 23rd June. The Town Council’s Sport, Recreation & Cemetery Committee will agree further action at their meeting on 30th June.

A future home for the Rock Snake at Chapel Green, now nicknamed “Anna-Conda” after the lady that started it, will be discussed by Crowborough Town Council tomorrow.

The snake made from decorated pebbles, runs along the pavement on Gordon Road and Queens Road. As the pavement is East Sussex County Council land, the Town Council are considering where a suitable permanent home might be.

The snake has grown to over 4,000 stones during the coronavirus lockdown.

During their virtual meeting on 23rd June, Councillors will consider suggestions they have received about how and where to display the stones in future.

The suggestions include:

  • creating a Zen Garden at the Council’s new Summersales cemetery on London Road or putting the stones at the cemetery at Herne Road;
  • lining a path through the Bluebell Wood;
  • decorating the concrete slope in front of the Council offices on Pine Grove;
  • creating an art installation next to the plant display on the grass opposite the White Hart pub; and
  • making a feature on the roundabout as you enter Crowborough Hospital.

If you have any views or additional suggestions, you could speak to your Town Councillor before the meeting.

Members of the public can ask questions at the start of the meeting. Download a copy of the agenda, reports and details on how to access the meeting remotely from Crowborough Town Council‘s website.

If you have added stones to the Rock Snake, you might also be interested in joining the Crowborough’s Secret Stones Facebook page that was created in 2018.



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  1. Agree with roundabout suggestion for Crowborough Hospital as a tribute and Thankyou to our NHS staff for their dedication and commitment.

  2. Snake could be spiralled into the circle outside the dry laundry currently for rent in the town centre where the xmas tree is usually situated.

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