Major repairs needed at Nutley Windmill


Uckfield & District Preservation Society have launched a fundraising appeal to repair major damage at Nutley Windmill.

In November, whilst the sweeps (called sails in some places) were turning in the wind, the uppermost sweep fell down to the right hand side of the mill and pierced the weather boarding. The end lodged inside the mill, luckily missing two of the old timbers in the wall. The sweeps are attached to two massive oak timbers that support them that form a large X. It was one of these stocks that failed. Both wooden stocks now need to be replaced before the sweeps can be reattached, a major undertaking once suitable timber has been found.

Fortunately, although visitors were present at the time, nobody was injured in the accident.

The cost of this repair will reach up to £15,000 and will massively depletes the Society’s reserve for the windmill. Nutley Windmill is the oldest, only working open-trestle post mill in the country and requires continuous repair and restoration.

Click on the link below for further information and to help keep this historical building working and open to the public:


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