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Funding boost to help make Wealden’s streets safer


The Government has pledged more than £18 million in funding to 40 areas of England and Wales in a bid to make them safer.

The Safer Streets Fund aims to help reduce burglary, vehicle crime and other theft-based offences in harder-hit residential areas.

The money will go towards proven measures to cut crime, including simple changes to the design of streets such as locked gates around alleyways, increased street-lighting and the installation of CCTV.

CCTV cameras sign The Broadway in Crowborough

Wealden District Council have been granted £309,453 as part of the scheme.


Last year in the first round, the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner was awarded nearly £900,000 of funding to help tackle anti-social behaviour, theft and burglary in targeted areas of Eastbourne and Hastings deemed to be disproportionately affected by these offences.

The third round will focus on improve the safety of public spaces of particular concern to women and girls. The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner is seeking people’s views before making a bid: Safer Streets Funding Consultation.


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  1. We have been promised large subsidies in the past as with the 800 new police posts. To date we haven’t seen a real policemen in Crowborough. We are aware of the new police station where the old town council offices were but surely with no police to man it, it has to be a poor investment. There is evidence on what will happen on the site of the old police station, is this to be another housing estate ? We have expensive CCT opposite the White Heart pub but what we need is what we had 30 years ago with less house owners paying their council tax. We now have twice the number of residents paying Council Tax so we want to see real results, not meaningless figures with negative results.

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