The Friends have won Community Hospitals Award


The Friends of Crowborough Hospital have won an Innovations and Best Practice in Community Hospitals award.

Hospital-Day-Centre-Oct-201The Friends were invited by the Community Hospitals Association to apply for an award based on the Social Day Service they operate.

The Day Centre at Crowborough Hospital was run by the NHS.  However when budgets started to be scrutinised more thoroughly a few years ago, the Trust which then ran the hospital, East Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust, said they could no longer justify spending money on a non-clinical service despite accepting that it was a very valuable.  The Day Service offers help and support to people who are lonely and socially isolated in our community.

Chairman of the Friends Chantal Wilson said:

The Friends didn’t want the day centre to close and over a couple of years looked for ways of keeping it going and eventually decided to provide the service itself.  We now employ a part-time Day Centre Manager who is a qualified social worker and she runs a team of amazing volunteers who help her run the service.  The social day service is run on a Monday and Friday but also supports neurphysiotherapy which takes place in the same building on Tuesday & Wednesday.

Having a volunteer organisation take over a service from a statutory organisation on NHS premises is, I believe, a first nationally.  It’s very encouraging that local provision of health-related services operated by a charity are valued and that they can get a national award.  The Friends are thrilled and delighted to receive this award, especially as by far the majority of applications will have come from NHS staff who are doing innovative work in community hospitals

The Community Hospitals Association aims to promote best practice in community hospitals and encourage networking and research.  The presentation of the award will take place during the annual conference of the Association next June.Friends Crowborough Hospital logo

You can find-out more information about the Social Day Service on the Friends’ website:



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  1. Well done to all concerned. But when will governments realise that health and social care are intrinsically linked? This has been a time bomb waiting to explode. Forcing local governments to take the blame by raising council tax to pay for social care is just this cruel government shuffling off its responsibilities and displaying its insouciant attitude to the elderly, poor and vulnerable in our society. Why on earth do people in this constituency keep voting for them?

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