Frank Humphry to stay at Bentley car museum


The Town Council have decided to leave the vintage fire engine “Frank Humphry” at Bentley, at least for the time being.

Crowborough Town Council's Frank Humphry Fire Engine on display at Bentley Wildfoul and Motor Museum

“Frank Humphry” is named after the former Brigade Captain and was used in Crowborough until the mid-1950s.

The 1936 Dennis Light Six Pump Escape Fire Engine isn’t in working order and there is no where in Crowborough it can be displayed.  There was a suggestion that the atrium of Pine Grove might be a good location, but it isn’t large enough and would in anycase conflict with the proposed use as a Business Hub.

The owners, Crowborough Town Council, are currenly paying £12 a week to keep in the Motor Museum at Bentley Country Park in Halland.

Further research into repairing the engine will be conducted, and they will seek advice from museums and enthusiasts.  Roger Bradgate, former officer at Crowborough Fire Station also made the suggest at the Communications and Events Committee last night (Tuesday 16th) that the manufacturers Dennis is still trading as JDC Fire based in Guildford, and they might offer assistance.  The Town Council will also see if they can get cheaper quotes for transporting the fire engine to a town event on a low loader.



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