Police Officers save occupants after car drives through ford


Wealden bobbies were in the right place at the right time during recent torrential rain.

Vauxhall Zafira 1 Vauxhall Zafira 2

During the heavy rain last week, PC Ross Banks and PC Ross Burke used local knowledge and instinct when deciding to check the ford at the bottom of Palesgate Lane in Jarvis Brook.

Just as the officers arrived at about 20 minutes after midnight on Wednesday 22nd June, a Vauxhall Zafira appeared on the other side of the splash and the driver apparently decided to drive through the water. Almost immediately the car got stuck, trapping its two occupants.

The water level was rising rapidly but thanks to quick thinking and fast action, the officers grabbed a rescue line, a recent addition to the equipment carried aboard police response cars, and managed to rescue both occupants seconds before the vehicle was swept away downstream, finally coming to rest against a concrete footbridge where it remained for several days until it could be recovered.

Sergeant Alex Tombling said:

It is clear that from using their local knowledge, gained over many years on the ground, and being in the right place, their heroic actions prevented this from having a potentially tragic ending.

Palesgate Lane was closed to traffic to prevent further problems and did not re-open until almost 24 hours later when the water had receded to a safe level.



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