New footbridge & temporary car park planned for Alderbrook


An amended scheme with 6 parking spaces was approved by the Planning Committee today (Thursday 11th February).

Cllr Steve Isted and Cllr Jeannette Towey spoke at the meeting.  You can watch a webcast of the meeting here.

Cllr Steve Isted (Independent Jarvis Brook)
Cllr Steve Isted (Independent Jarvis Brook)

Item 9 WD/2015/2763/F – Walsh Farm, Walshes Road.


A planning application has been submitted to build a temporary car park at the end of Alderbrook Way and a footbridge to allow walkers to cross the stream so they can walk their dogs.

The purpose is to make it easier for people to use farm land and woods which stretch down towards Nightingale Cottage as a recreational area.  It is a condition of the planning application to build 160 houses off Walshes Road. View on Google Street View of the proposed site: It is proposed to build an interim car park with nine spaces including a dedicated disabled bay.  The footbridge would connect with Adams Field.  Eventually halfway through the construction of the new housing estate a permanent car park for 20 cars will be provided. The SANGS (Suitable Alternative Natural Green Spaces), as the recreational area is officially called, is being provided to attract walkers away from the Ashdown Forest.  It is thought fumes from car exhausts are damaging the rare heathland habitat.  Currently there is a major study to monitor the effects of air pollution on the forest. The covering letter with the application states:

In addition there are a number of other planning applications that are likely to come forward once the SANGS has been confirmed, allowing much needed additional development in the north of the district to proceed.

Click to see the planning application (you will need to press the ‘Accept’ button to agree to the T&Cs (Ref: WD/2015/2763/F ):

Have Your Say – if you currently drive from Crowborough to the Ashdown Forest – how likely are you to use the alternative recreational area in Alderbrook instead?  Add your comments below or join the discussion on Facebook.



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  1. Crowborough roads a choked with cars especially at school times now add 2 cars to each new house and Western Road will be at gridlock as will Crowborough Hill and Whitehill road. Enough said from me.

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