Fly tippers can now be fined up to £400 on the spot


Fly tippers can now be fined up to £400 on the spot by Wealden District Council’s Street Scene Officers.

FlytippingCouncillor Ann Newton, Cabinet member with responsibility for landscape and conservation, said:

The new powers to issue Fixed Penalty Notices will provide Wealden with another weapon in its arsenal to help crack down on fly tippers

Our street scene team has been successful in taking a number of fly tippers to court, and they will continue to do so.  Spot fines will be particularly useful in small scale cases of environmental crime when the only penalties available were cautions, warning letters and clearance costs.

Whatever the size, fly tips in the Wealden countryside are a terrible eyesore and something we will not tolerate. There are six Household Waste Recycling Sites in the District, and we provide a special collection service for bulky waste.

Wealden District Council can now issue Fixed Penalty Notices to fly tippers, where appropriate, instead of instigating criminal proceedings.  However should a person who has been issued with an FPN choose not to pay, they can still be prosecuted for the original offence.

Large scale or multiple fly tipping offences will continue to be pursued through the courts as this still provides a more effective method of penalising offenders and deterring others.  The courts can impose higher fines and offenders could face a prison sentence.

Wealden’s Street Scene Team has a successful record of investigating and prosecuting those who fly tip within the District, resulting in a lower number of fly tips annually than many other authorities in the South East.

In the last year we achieved a custodial sentence of 6 months for one fly tipper and total penalties of £940 for another person who disposed of their waste incorrectly. Other investigations are currently with the Council’s legal team for progression to court.

East Sussex County Council Waste and Recycling Centre Farningham Roadin CrowboroughThere is a Household Waste Recycling Site on Farningham Road in Crowborough, with other sites in Forest Row and Maresfield.

Click for details of Wealden’s bulky waste collection service.



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  1. As a ranger, fly tipping, car break ins, theft of Land Rovers ,quad bikes, trailers, chainsaws, diesel and garden machinery and sheep worrying was a weekly or daily occurrence for me. It only takes less than a minute for a tipper truck to dump a load of building waste in a car park or deserted lane or for a thief to break into a car. Driving through the Sussex countryside at night looking for injured deer which was part of my job, it was obvious that there is no one around to witness or report crime. Even the A22 a busy trunk road is deserted late at night. There aren’t enough police , PCSOs are not visible, Wealden Enforcement Officers cover a huge area and there aren’t enough rangers in the countryside. The responsibility now lies with the local communities . We have to protect our own property and our countryside. We cannot sit back and complain about a cash strapped council not doing it’s job . 90% of us are honest law abiding people, we just need to take more responsibility . Ventures like Brighter Crowborough and Uckfield are an example of local people taking positive action , more initiatives like this backed by the council and police are the answer. Volunteer dog wardens and rangers keeping an watchful eye on the countryside , doing a bit of practical work and showing a presence would deter a lot of low level crime and anti social behavior.

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