Fitness Instructor reaches bodybuilding world championship final

Nyree Kinghorn who is a spinning instructor at Crowborough Leisure Centre has reached the Pure Elite World Championship finals.

Nyree-KinghornMother of two boys aged 21 and 11, Nyree turned 45 this year and wanted to take on a new challenge.  Having entered triathlons previously, she was considering a marathon but it was the nutritional aspect of the bodybuilding journey that attracted her to taking part in the Pure Elite competition.  Nyree completed the Hever Castle triathlon in September 2014 and then started her training for the Pure Elite competition in the gym the very next day.

Nyree said:

Going from triathlon training to bodybuilding training was a completely different experience for me. I had to train different body parts on different days in order to build muscle as well as increasing my calorie intake.

After Christmas, Nyree started to decrease her calories and introduced cardio to her routine.  It was this aspect of the training that she found to be her biggest challenge as her energy levels were low at this point.  Luckily though Nyree has very a supportive family and colleagues.

Nyree praised her family and fitness colleagues:

I can’t thank my family enough, their support has really got me through my training and my youngest son is an elite gymnast, so he was always giving advice on good exercises for getting a six-pack!   I’m lucky to have access to the excellent gym at Crowborough Leisure Centre and my Freedom Leisure colleagues have given me great advice and support too.

Nyree won four trophies at the Pure Elite Championship qualifiers in Margate, and will go forward to the final on 22nd November.  She came second in the over 35s bikini category, over 35s fitness model and over 45s bikini and fourth in the over 45s fitness model category.

Nyree said:

It’s been an amazing experience so far and I’ve learnt a lot, making some great friends along the way.  I really enjoyed the competition element and felt amazing getting out on that stage.  I’m certainly looking forward to having a bit of down time before getting into some serious training before the finals in November.

Steve Collins, Freedom Leisure fitness manager said:

Nyree has done really well to get this far in such a short time.  She trains hard but sensibly here at Crowborough and is a great inspiration to others who are looking to lose body fat and tone up.  Nyree proves what can be done and it’s been a pleasure to support her training and see her success.

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