Firefighters on the picket line in Crowborough


fire-strike-3Firefighters on the picket line at Crowborough Fire Station this morning.

A 24-hour strike started at 9am.  The industrial action is part of the protracted dispute with the Government over pensions.  The FBU say that under the government’s proposals, firefighters will have to work until they are 60 instead of 55, pay more into their pensions and get less in retirement.

Chief Fire Officer and Chief Executive Des Prichard said:

We will still have crews on duty but they will be fewer in number than usual. This means we have to prioritise calls where lives are at risk.

The action of the public can help us at this time.  By making sure they take extra care whether on the roads, in their homes or in their businesses, they can reduce the need to call 999.

Our advice remains the same though – if you do have a fire, call 999, get out and stay out.  We will respond.




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