Factory Shop closed because of leaking roof

Update: The Original Factory Shop remains closed (Friday).

A spokesperson said:

Crowborough will be closed today, the store has been declared safe but we have no power into the store and this cannot be turned back on until the water has stopped which we hope will be this afternoon.

Our property, health & safety manager, Chris Glencourse, is in store today and assessing the situation, we will keep customers updated.

The Original Factory Shop in the Fernbank Shopping Centre had to close early today (Thursday), when rain started seeping through the roof.

After the persistent rainfall all day, water which had collected on the Morrisons car park started leaking into the shop and their storeroom at the rear.  Shop Assistants from the store had to move some of the stock to prevent items getting damaged from rainwater.

This evening part of the car park remains cordoned-off whilst the roof is examined and repairs are started.

Last year the Factory Shop had to close when the clock tower was struck by lightning.

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