Strategy to expand number of electric vehicle charging points


Wealden District Council is looking for business partners to expand the network of electric vehicle (EV) charge points across the district.

Councillor Roy Galley, Cabinet member responsible for economic development, said:

Vehicle emissions are the biggest contributor to global warming in Wealden. They account for nearly half our CO2 emissions. In our response to the climate emergency, we must do more to encourage electric vehicle technology.

Wealden is one of the biggest districts in the South East but, as a largely rural area, commercial investment in public EV charging infrastructure has been slow. This leaves it at risk of lagging behind in the EV transition. However, the District Council owns and operates 36 public car parks, some of which could be used to provide EV charging points. There are currently 17 publically accessible car-charging connections across eight locations in Wealden. In Crowborough there are EV charging points in the railway station car park.

Cllr Galley added:

Looking to find private sector partners to share both the revenue and the risks involved in expanding the EV charging network in Wealden is the best way to proceed. It will also enable us to seek grant funding for areas where charge points won’t initially be commercially viable, and help us keep on top of the latest technology.

Following a recent Cabinet decision, Wealden will begin exploring partnership options with private sector organisations to expand the EV charging network, working with neighbouring councils where possible. It will pursue the grant options available through the Office of Low Emission Vehicles.

As well as encouraging residents who are not able to install their own off-road charging facility to switch to electric vehicles, increasing the public provision of EV charging points is seen as an important factor in supporting local tourism. The Government is planning to bring forward the ban on sales of new petrol and diesel vehicle to 2035 at the latest.

An online map of the current EV charge points in Wealden can be found here on the Zap-Map website.



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  1. Wealden – including Crowborough – is a black hole for electric vehicle charging as a quick look on ZapMap will confirm. There is not a single charger in Crowborough town centre and our £1.5million Town Council refuses to remedy this. The pair of chargers at Crowbrough Station are effectively useless: you have to pay for parking AND charging, after 9.30am they can be legitimately blocked all day by fossil fuel cars, and they are often out of order… Wealden Tories are very slow on the uptake with EVs and meanwhile our part-time MP drives round in a massive gas-guzzling 4×4.

  2. Rob

    Crowborough Town Council have been investigating getting rapid charging points installed at Pine Grove. They have been advised it would cost them between £40-50,000 to run electricity to the site from the electricity network.

    Private companies would then install the chargers for free on a 20 year lease and pay the Council £1,000 per year per charger. So I work it out to mean, if they install three chargers they might see a return on their investment in the long run.

    A report is going to the next Environment Committee on 17th November 2020, see:

    You can join the meeting remotely.

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