Art Exhibition: Four Friends

Thursday 28 March 2019 all-day
Crowborough Community Centre
Pine Grove
Crowborough TN6 1FE

Four friends of many years, Angela Butler, Gillian Child, Jane Gray and Madelaine Quarrinton Snook, are exhibiting their paintings, each in her own unique style and of various subjects, from 29th March to 28th April at the Gallery Cafe, Crowborough Community Centre.

Please note you can view the exhibition when the Cafe is open or when attending other events in the Community Centre.

Art Exhibition 28th March to 28th April 2019 at Crowborough Community CentreFour Friends: three former colleagues, Angela, Jane and Gillian who worked in Crowborough and Maddy a long term friend of Angela, all of whom came to enjoy art through different routes and at different times, but who now enjoy painting together.  They have previously exhibited together as part of the Crowborough Arts Open Studio Event.  Each has her own style and the subjects are varied.

Angela, who lives in Crowborough, enjoys working with watercolour, the fascinating, often unpredictable process of combining water, pigment and light, creating images as freely as possible.  Since the inception of Crowborough Arts, Angela has opened her home for Open Studios and loves to share the potential beauty of watercolour.  Angela is the most experienced artist of the four and is always ready with advice and support.  It is thanks to her encouragement that all four have enjoyed exhibiting together.

Gillian, of Five Ashes, having enjoyed art in school days, returned to painting and drawing some 15 years ago.  Inspired mostly by nature, particularly plants and trees, she works in watercolour and pen and ink which she finds particularly absorbing.

Jane, also from Crowborough, was taught to paint at school and continued into her 20’s, until she found less time for painting.  She resumed art as a hobby some 7/8 years ago enjoying both the activity and the company.  Jane mainly paints in watercolour but also in acrylic and chooses a wide variety of colourful topics from landscapes and seascapes to animals and has a particular attraction for subsea creatures.

Maddy, also a Crowborough resident, started painting about 5 years ago using watercolour because it is a wonderful, challenging medium.  She likes the way it is subjective and how perception and interpretations are so varied.  Maddy has a ‘no straight line’ approach to her art, a sense of movement and loves painting animals…at the moment!  She is always ready to experiment with new techniques.

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