Could you be the heir to this estate?


William Leonard Foster died in Crowborough on 29th March 2013 aged 87.  Are you related and could you be entitled to a share of his money?

William Foster was born in Brighton on 15th August 1925 and was a batchelor.
bona vacantia noun Law (in the UK) goods without an apparent owner, such as treasure trove or the estate of a person dying intestate and without heirs, to which the Crown may have right

This week the Government’s Bona Vacantia Division advertised his estate.  If you believe you have an entitlement then email with a simple family tree which shows how you are related to the deceased and provide the deceased’s name, date of death and the case reference number (BV21600451/1) in your e-mail.

Further information can be found in the guide on how to Make a claim to a deceased person’s estate.



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