Electric car charging points at Crowborough Station


Update: Charging points for four electric vehicles have now been installed.



Four parking bays have been created for drivers of electric cars at Crowborough railway station.

Electric Vehicles Cars Charging Points Crowborough Railway StationAt the moment, the line-marking and groundwork has been done in advance of the charging points being installed.  The work at Crowborough station is part of Southern’s programme for a total of 50 points across the network.

A spokesperson for Southern said:

Stations were selected to ensure broad coverage and in recognition that whilst electric vehicles aren’t a majority at the moment, sales are increasing very quickly and we are starting to see points being used more and more.

In his recent blog, the Chairman of the Crowborough Rugby Club, Graham Callard commented:

I noticed this morning four new parking bays at Crowborough railway station have been reserved for electric cars.  What a waste of space, literally.  They will be used hardly at all, and all it will achieve is to push more cars to park on the roads in the surrounding area.  People with disabled badges MUST get priority.  People with electric cars shouldn’t. Actually as tree huggers they probably walk anyway.

Electric Vehicles Cropwborough Station railway Charging Points

Last year, Crowborough & District Chamber of Commerce made a proposal to address the lack of car parking spaces at Crowborough railway station.  The Chamber suggested to Network Rail and the the local councils that extra spaces could be constructed on the waste land between the railway cutting and the industrial estate.  It is not known how far this suggestion has progressed.  In the near future, Network Rail will be looking to lengthen the platforms at Crowborough station to accommodate longer trains, maybe this will bring matters into focus. About the Electric Vehicle Car Charging Points, Southern added:

It is all part of a South East wide initiative to install more points, connecting with the Energise network, helping to ensure good coverage to enable electric vehicle drivers to park at the station and get on the train to complete a door to door sustainable journey as part of a national integrated transport strategy.

We understand that not everyone can opt to use a bicycle, so the aim is to cater for all customers wanting to make choices to reduce their carbon footprint.  Positioning of points within the car park is often driven by the location of cables and each point provides the opportunity for two Electric Vehicles to charge their cars.

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You can find more information on electric vehicles and the location of charging points in the South East by looking at the Energise Network website: www.energisenetwork.co.uk.

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  1. In London there are 1,500 points and are not enough so the are setting another 2,000.

    In Hastings there are 4 and are all with a queue to use, so they are setting more.

    There are in Hailsham, in Lewes, in Eastbourne… What do you want? Going back to the horse coaches?

    I go pretty often to Crowborough (14 years ago I used to go every week) and it helps me a lot no need to divert to Eastbourne. Well done Crowborough Council!

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