County Council Elections on 4th May: Sara Newman

Elections to East Sussex County Council are being held on Thursday 4th May.

Two people will be elected to represent Crowborough – one to serve “Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook” and another for “Crowborough South & St Johns”.  CrowboroughLife has invited each of the candidates to send a short statement about themselves and explain why they would like you consider voting for them.  This is the election address from Sara Newman.

I moved from Tunbridge Wells to Wealden over 10 years ago, for me Crowborough has become my home and although I wasn’t born here I feel like I could have been.

My career has seen me hold various positions within the technology industry and in education. For the past 8 years I have become a full time carer. In this time I have

Sara Newman

gained first hand experience and in-depth knowledge about our NHS, Mental Health provision and social care.  Whilst we have some brilliant GPs the social care budget has been stripped to the bone, and has forced unacceptable levels of pressure on the system leaving too many without the level of care needed. As the worlds 4th biggest economy it seems inconceivable that we could be in this position.

I am deeply concerned that there is a need for Food Banks in our country and in our community, and that I find myself talking to others about poverty and hunger in our town. Crowborough is by all appearances considered a wealthy town, despite this we have families and individuals struggling. Whilst I am thankful that the Trussell Trust exists I also question how we got to this position. Every child in our community needs to feel secure, have access to good health care and good education. Children’s services and education are over stretched and under resourced.  Vital Services need improvement and change for the better, I will work to that end if I am elected.

I joined the Labour Party some years ago and I now proudly hold the position of Chair of the Wealden Constituency Labour Party.  I am passionate about social justice and cooperation.  Politics is like a pyramid.  Local Councillors at the bottom reaching to the MP and Parliament at the top.   Each level needs to be representative of the community it serves and working together to make lives of the individual and their communities better.


Four candidates are standing for each seat (click to find-out about them).

Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook

Crowborough South & St Johns

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