County Council Elections on 4th May: Colin Stocks

Elections to East Sussex County Council are being held on Thursday 4th May.

Two people will be elected to represent Crowborough – one to serve “Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook” and another for “Crowborough South & St Johns”.  CrowboroughLife has invited each of the candidates to send a short statement about themselves and explain why they would like you consider voting for them.  This is the election address from Colin Stocks.

Colin Stocks

Colin has lived in Sussex since 1995.  A professional engineer, he worked for a Crowborough-based company until 2015 and, since then, has worked for an enterprise based in Kent.

Having stood as a Green Party candidate on a number of occasions, Colin was elected to Crowborough Town Council in 2007, where he served as chair of the busy Environment Committee for three years, and as deputy mayor for the last year of his term.

He supports the provision of good local services, and is keen that local authorities ensure that funding goes on improving the lives of local residents.  In a personal capacity, Colin has assisted with community groups in Crowborough and the wider Wealden area, and is a trustee of a local charity that provides a shopping service for older residents.

His interests include horticulture, silviculture, and beekeeping.

Four candidates are standing for each seat (click to find-out about them).

Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook

Crowborough South & St Johns

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