County Council Elections on 6th May: Peter Bucklitsch


Elections to East Sussex County Council and for the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner are being held on Thursday 6th May.

Two people will be elected to represent Crowborough – one to serve “Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook” and another for “Crowborough South & St Johns”.  Crowborough Life has invited each of the candidates to send a short statement about themselves explaining why they would like you consider voting for them. 

This is the election address from Peter Buchlitsch.

I am standing because I believe that party politics in local government works against the best interests of the electorate, and dissuades people from standing for election.

I believe that outsiders who like myself, ask awkward questions are valuable to organisations, such as East Sussex County Council and Crowborough Town Council.

Peter Bucklitsch is standing in the election for "Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook" in the East Sussex County Council elections on 6th May 2021.
Peter Bucklitsch (Independent)

As an Independent, I have no conflict of interest, from either personal ambition on the Council or from membership of any political party. I will have been elected by the people of Crowborough and I will represent only them.

I have been privileged to be able to serve on District, Town and Parish Councils for a total of 18 years. I have also served 10 years in the Royal Marine Reserve and Yorkshire Volunteers.

I do not think County Hall offers value for money because the policies of the County Council are targeted more at the rural areas. The total failure of Conservative controlled Wealden District Council to produce a Local Plan in more than two decades means that the County Council has not been able to make any infrastructure plans for 23 years.

If elected I will make myself accountable by being available to residents, responsive to residents, and at the end of the day, getting voted in again to carry on the good work.

Main priorities:

  • My efforts will be concentrated on protecting the people and the environment of Crowborough and ensure better road conditions. The worrying number of fatal road accidents around Crowborough recently need investigation.
  • I will focus on better value for money, keeping Council Tax as low as possible. Many in Crowborough find this tax a heavy burden.
  • I will work with the other council members and groups to provide the support that only a County Council can provide. These include social care, local business investment, infrastructure investment and road safety. However, I will fight for a more transparent Council with proper scrutiny to protect YOUR money.

Contact details:

As we receive Election Statements from each of the candidate they will be published on Crowborough Life (click on the candidates name below to find-out about them).

Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook

If you live in this Division you can vote for one of the following five candidates:

Crowborough South & St Johns

If you live in this Division you can vote for one of the following four candidates:

If you are unsure of which Division you live in, click the following button and enter your postcode on The Electoral Commission’s website:



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