County Council Elections on 6th May: Pam Tysh


Elections to East Sussex County Council and for the Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner are being held on Thursday 6th May.

Two people will be elected to represent Crowborough – one to serve “Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook” and another for “Crowborough South & St Johns”.  Crowborough Life has invited each of the candidates to send a short statement about themselves explaining why they would like you consider voting for them. 

This is the election address from Pam Tysh.

As a Green councillor I will be an independent voice holding the Conservatives to account for decisions affecting the quality of life in Crowborough. Crucial to that is ensuring the natural habitat of Ashdown Forest and other green space is protected from further damage by inappropriate human use and development, as it is vital to the physical and mental well-being of local people. Crowborough is a densely populated town, with significant problems associated with high vehicle use such as air quality, needing policies that improve accessibility for people on foot and using carbon free public transport.

Pam Tysh is standing in the election for "Crowborough South & St Johns" in the East Sussex County Council elections on 6th May 2021.
Pam Tysh (Green)

As a retired teacher and social care worker I am used to hard work and getting the best possible outcomes in challenging circumstances. I have high expectations of others and myself and take the long view when assessing options yet focus on the small ways positive changes can be made to improve a situation. Having lived in nearby Nutley for 7 years I have spent much time in Crowborough and seen the impact development and road use is having on people’s quality of life.

I reject a narrow concept of ‘value for money’ in relation to county council services because it ignores the value of the benefits provided. Good quality benefits inevitably cost more than poor quality ones, but limitless money is not available so there needs to be a new audit system to balance out these considerations rather than the current obsession with low taxation.

Key to accountability to people in Crowborough is to LISTEN, INVESTIGATE & RESPOND to concerns raised. As councillor I will be accessible by phone and email and create and maintain a regular newsletter to residents plus use platforms like Crowborough Life and Parish magazines to communicate.

Main priorities:

  1. To ensure all decisions made by the council prevent increases in CO2 emissions and the exacerbation of the climate crisis and degradation of the natural environment. The council must set an emissions target of 68% reduction on 1990 levels by 2030.
  2. To focus on securing adequate funding for social care to ensure the obvious growing need is responded to with provision by properly paid, highly skilled and well trained and supported staff employed by professionally accountable organisations.
  3. To push for education services that meet the needs of children in a rapidly changing world. This requires smaller classes (more teachers) in better-ventilated teaching and learning spaces and a curriculum that develops emotional well-being and critical thinking as well as academic progress.

Contact details:

As we receive Election Statements from each of the candidate they will be published on Crowborough Life (click on the candidates name below to find-out about them).

Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook

If you live in this Division you can vote for one of the following five candidates:

Crowborough South & St Johns

If you live in this Division you can vote for one of the following four candidates:

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