Sylvia Tidy & Richard Stogdon re-elected to represent Crowborough


The Conservative Party have gained overall control of East Sussex County Council increasing the number of Councillors to 30 from 21 just before the election.

Following boundary changes at this election, the number of county councillors has been increased from 49 to 50.

Political Party Number of Councillors Change from 2013^
Conservative 30 +10
Liberal Democrats 11 +1
Labour 4 -3
UKIP 0 -7
Independent 3 0
Other (Independent Democrats Group) 2 0
Total 50

Tory candidates Sylvia Tidy & Richard Stogdon have been re-elected to represent Crowborough.

Crowborough North & Jarvis Brook Votes Share Majority
Sara Rose Newman (Labour Party) 292 10%
Karen Jane Shaw (Liberal Democrats) 439 16%
Colin Geoffrey Stocks (The Green Party) 225 8%
Richard Stogdon (The Conservative Party) 1846 66% 1407
Total Votes 2802
Turnout 32%
Crowborough South & St Johns Votes Share Majority
Brendan Clegg (Labour Party) 198 8%
Adrian James Morris (Liberal Democrats) 441 17%
Gabrielle Alice Symonds (The Green Party) 159 6%
Sylvia Mary Tidy (The Conservative Party) 1774 69% 1333
Total Votes 2572
Turnout 33%

Click on the following link to see all the results from East Sussex.  Select an area on the map for a breakdown of the votes:

The results for the elections that were held four years ago can be seen here.  In 2013 there was a 28.5% turnout in Crowborough.

^ Cllr Charlton won the seat for Ouse Valley East at the 2013 election for UKIP, he joined the Conservative Party in 2016 increasing the number of Tory councillors on the Council from 20 to 21.  There were two by-elections in 2015 & 2016, each time Labour retained the seat.



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  1. I wonder how many people just voted blue as usual because they couldn’t be bothered to learn about the other candidates and how new blood might stand up to central government’s cuts. Perhaps they like potholes, illegal parking and closing libraries, etc etc?

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